ISL provides engineering services in the following areas -

Radiology -


  1. Xray systems including DR and analog                                                      
  2. Fluoroscopy systems
  3. Ultrasound systems
  4. Mammography systems                                                      
  5. Bone Densitometry systems
  6. Multi modality workstations

Urology -


  1. Lithotriptsy systems from Dornier
  2. Surgical Lasers from Dornier
  3. Urodynamic systems
  4. BK Ultrasound

Opthalmolgy -

TECHNOLAS 737R.1.jpg

  1. Cataract systems from Bausch and Lomb
  2. Lasik systems from Technolas PV
  3. Yag and green laser systems

Appearance Medicine -

Xeo System.jpg

  1. Cosmetic Lasers from Cutera
  2. IPL systems from Cutera

Scientific Systems -


  1. Thinprep Cytology solutions from Hologic
  2. RBD 3000 Flow Cytometry system from Advanced Analytical


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