Polyrad SE

Polyrad SE

With its attractive design and the highest quality, the POLYRAD SE system has been designed to enable a wide range of applications for the most demanding environments.
POLYRAD SE is an affordable general purpose radio-graphic system with freedom of movement and multiple configurations that permits a large number of different table, wall stand, wheelchair and stretcher examinations. Its solid design ensures outstanding reliability even for the most demanding environments.
• Wide patient positioning range
With the POLYRAD SE system, the patient can be easily examined thanks to the Elevating Table with a four way floating table top that is designed in order to increase patient comfort and to facilitate the operator's work in cases of general radiography and/or special applications.
Patient safety is guaranteed with the use of electromagnetic brakes in all moving axis.

The variable height feature makes patient positioning very easy and it is particularly well suited for environments with a large number of trauma, geriatric, pediatric and orthopedic cases.

Simple, ergonomic and robust design, to withstand intensive hospital use

Hands free operation with foot pedal control.

Smooth and extra optimized elevating mechanism for outstanding patient comfort. Standard lifting capability with a “Superlift” feature to handle 300 kg. (660lbs.). 

The table base, designed in high strength steel, houses the electronic controls.

Adjustable automatic stops at 3 different height levels: maximum, minimum and intermediate

• Vertical Wall Stand

The wall stand is perfectly counterbalanced and can be easily positioned. With its dual lock released handles, positioning can be done from either the left or the right side of the table. Furthermore, a rapid vertical tube positioning facilitates examinations from ankle to skull.
The wall stand is available in either 2 point or 3 point modes. The AEC algorithms and sensors automatically determine the correct mA and time exposure, which are displayed after the completion of the exposure. The wall stand is available with a knee extension including a patient support handle for PA and lateral projections.
The counterbalanced tube stand provides a smooth vertical movement. For wall stand exposures, the tube column can be moved past the table on either direction on the right or left hand side. On either side, the vertical range of movement of the tube assembly can be lowered to source to floor distance of 40 cm. (15,75 ")
The POLYRAD SE tube stand can be easily moved and rotated for a fast and accurate positioning for lateral exposures.
• Ergonomic and easy to use
The POLYRAD SE system offers all the facilities to make positioning for examinations easier. This brings along a fast and flexible system operation with excellent ergonomic equipment that keeps the operator in mind. In fact, from the very beginning, you will find the following features to support you:
User Interfaces are clear and intuitive. The equipment is easy to learn and quick to set up.
The ergonomically designed system control enables faster and safer examinations procedures.
The tube stand is floor-mounted and free-standing. All the movements can be performed from the front of the control panel, which includes the lock control switches. These lock control switches direct the longitudinal travel, tube rotation and vertical column lock release. There is an angulation's dial on the front of the control panel to indicate the x-ray tube angle.
The Wall bucky stand can be configured for a left or right hand load operation depending on the room layout requirement.
The +90/-90º tube stand rotation, along with the telescopic travel of the tube arm (up to 300 mm or 11,81") allows examinations on both a stretcher and a Gurney style table.
Lateral beam exposures can be also performed by rotating the tube stand column to the right or left and making the exposure cross table.
• Wide rage of applications
The large range of table movement, the manually adjustment top, the manually adjustable bucky and the floor column permit exposures from head to toe with no need of repositioning the patient.
- Patients in wheelchair
- Chest exams
- Leg exams
- Weight bearing exams
- Stretcher or Gurney exams
- Linear Tomography
- With an optional cassette holder, it is also possible to perform teleradiography of the entire spine length and inferior extremities on 30 x 90 cm. and 30 x 120 cm. formats.

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